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“Our vision is to be a trusted property inventory specialist, that provides high-quality detailed and impartial inventory reports, combining the latest technology and excellent value for every customer.”


We bring order to complexity, we push the boundaries of convention, and we put each person at the centre of our service.


We keep it simple, complexity can block engagement. If it’s understood, then it's more likely to get done.  Simplicity is staying in the present and not making things complicated.

Winning Together

Winning together

We focus on continuously raising the bar. We empower others to do more than they thought possible. Individually talented and results-driven, we recognize that the best work is done together. 


We’re innovative

At Inventoire, we're not afraid to try new things. Think differently. Suggest new perspectives. Be bold. Be curious. Innovation fosters competitive advantage, as it allows us to build better services.

Customer Focused

Customer Focused

At Inventoire being service-minded & customer-oriented means that we care about providing a quality experience for all our customers. Supporting your community and our teams. We build trust in all our interactions earned by our confidence in what we do, and how we do it.


We will be ourselves always

We will believe in our capabilities, and recognise our innate strengths and resilience within us. Share and embrace feedback. Act with rectitude. Make progress every day.

The Inventoire Way

The Inventoire Way is the way we show up every day ready to deliver excellence.


It’s the way we think big, start small and move fast – knowing that when we make mistakes, we learn and become better for it.


It’s the way we design reports, prepare for property visits, attract brilliance and develop greatness – all done because of our passion for what we do.


It’s the way we honour our partners – developing a new gold standard for the experience their clients deserve.


It’s the way our expertise shines through in every appointment, a testament to our fresh grip on legislative requirements, professional accreditation(s) - and industry best practices.


It’s the way we treat others – with humility, empathy, respect and kindness.


It’s the way we drive our business forward, leveraging the tools, techniques and trust that gives us the confidence to own our decisions, results and accomplishments.


The Inventoire Way will never settle for doing just good enough – we will strive for Great in everything we do.


Great is the Inventoire Way.

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